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Fan Filter Unit Features:

Our Fan Filter Units are self-contained, motorized Supply Air Modules equipped with either HEPA or ULPA filters. Our FFU's can be used in either horizontal or vertical flow positions, wherever clean air is needed.

They are designed for easy connection to the building power system and are equipped with a pre-filter, four (4) seismic clips located at all corners for providing strong suspension points, and a solid-state variable speed control with RFI suppression.

Housings are fabricated from 20-gauge steel with a white powder coat finish, or thermoformed plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel.
Models and Options:

Microsound: Features the lowest noise as recorded through independant testing.
MicroWatt: These energy Saving models have 35% lower wattage than standard units.
High Output: This series of fan filters insure proper airflow in applications with high ceilings and are designed to deliver 1000-1200 CFM
HEPA and ULPA filters: Choose either a HEPA Filter, 99.99% eff. @ 0.3 micron or ULPA Filter, 99.9995% eff. @.12 Micron filters
Unique Control Options: Control all of your FFU's remotely using the Airlink.
CRF MicroSound Fan Filter Units with Gel Seals CRF MicroSound Fan Filter Units with Lights & Gel Seals
These CRF Gel Seal Fan Filter Units are available with or without lights.
These CRF Fan Filter Units include light sockets (bulbs not included)
NCR MicroSound Fan Filter Units Special Use Fan Filter Units
Non-Cleanroom Side Replaceable Fan Filter Units.
Specialty use fan filter units.
Fan Filter Unit Replacement Filters