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Cleanroom Custodial Supplies

Cleanroom Custodial Supplies

Whether you are sanitizing and scrubbing down and entire cleanroom or containing and cleaning accidental spills, CleanPro® has the products to get the job done quickly, and more importantly, without leaving more contaminant in your facility.
Gordon Brush Mops & Sweepers Contamination Control
eMOP systems and battery powered sweeper options available from Gordon Brush.
Spill Control pillows and dikes quickly contain and absorb spills in cleanroom environments. These products can be autoclaved.
Mops and Accessories Vertiklean System
Edgeless mop heads keep your facilities cleaner by not leaving contaminates behind. Our selection of stainless steel mop buckets includes an autoclavable model.
Contec cleaning products are used in critical manufacturing environments across the globe. Their mopping systems are used in the life science, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, and animal lab science industries.
Cleanroom Vacuums
Find cleanroom vacuum options from Atrix International & Minuteman International.