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Desiccator Cabinets
The Problems: The Solution:
Contamination, Corrosion, Moisture,
and ESD Damage
Todays high-tech manufacturing industry requires extensive use of integrated circuits, BGAs and other sensitive components. These I.C. packages are very durable but when stored in a typical manufacturing environment they become exposed to contaminants and moisture in the atmosphere causing corrosion and oxidation on the leads. The ultimate results can be poor solder contact, possible board failure and excessive component failures when subjected to the intense heat of the solder reflow process. Additionally, there are hidden ESD dangers which are present when dealing with these sensitive devices.
Desiccator Enclosures
Clear, clean moisture free storage in a desiccator cabinet constructed from Acrylic or Static Dissipative Sheet. The input of nitrogen or compressed dry air into the cabinet displaces the contaminated air and provides a truly ideal storage solution for your components and devices. A mini cleanroom environment isolated from the typical warehouse and manufacturing atmosphere. A cleanroom environment at a fraction of the cost. The lowered moisture levels however increase the risk of ESD damage. Fortunately our system of Static Dissipative Coating (SDC), stainless steel trays and bottom plates and electrical grounding of all conductive surfaces is a proven means of effectively combating this potential danger.

Dry Gas Input - Plenum Wall Connects all Chambers
Dry Cabinets
Non-ESD Single Tier Cabinets
Non-ESD Double Tier Cabinets
ESD Single Tier Cabinets
ESD Double Tier Cabinets
Dry Gas Input - Plenum Wall Connects all Chambers
Reel & Tape Storage Cabinets
Non-ESD Single Tier Storage
Non-ESD Double Tier Storage
ESD Single Tier Storage
ESD Double Tier Storage

Non-Dry Gas Input - Chambers Individually Sealed Dry Cabinets
If you do not use dry gas, or intend to use dessicant to maintain low humidity you may not need a plenum wall cabinet. We have similar units without the plenum wall, click a link below or contact us at 888-903-0333 or and we will help you select the products that are right for you.
Non-ESD Single Tier
Non-ESD Double Tier
ESD Single Tier
ESD Double Tier