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Gowning Room Furniture

Gowning Room Furniture

Proper gowning is one of the most important steps in maintaining cleanliness. CleanPro® Gowning Room Furniture ensures that your employees gown properly, therefore keeping your cleanroom maintained at your required ISO Class.
Shoe Cover Dispensers & Removers Gowning Benches
Quickly apply or remove shoe covers automatically! hands free applicators & dispensers prevent contamination and save gowning time.
Gowning Racks Sticky Mats
These racks are designed for efficient storage of garments in the cleanroom.
Find traditional adhesive mats here, along with renewable adhesive mats.
Shoe Brush Machines Supply Dispensers
Manual, Self-Contained, or hooked up to in-house air, Shoe Brush Machines can keep your facilities cleaner by removing contamination from guests/employees shoes.
These acrylic dispensers are made for use in a wide variety of environments and applications. Custom dispensers can also be manufactured! Browse available units here, or contact us at if you don't see exactly what you're looking for!
Stainless Steel Lockers Garment Cabinets
Durable 304 Stainless Steel lockers in may sizes and configurations.
We are offering the highest quality garment storage cabinets from our CleanPro line of products.
Free-standing, wall mounted or attached to a gowning rack, we have the type of mirror best suited for your gowning room.