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Meters & Test Equipment
FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras CleanPro® Cleanroom Monitoring System
Thermal Imaging for Building Diagnostics Infrared cameras give you the power to make the invisible visible. Thermal imagers from FLIR can help you find building problems in real-time, an advantage over IR thermometers and temperature guns, while producing customized reports to justify and validate the quality of construction and repair work.
Learn more about cleanroom monitoring systems here. Featuring real time reporting, alarm conditions, and instant traceability.
Kanomax Anemomaster™ Air Flow Meters Kanomax Anemomaster™ Air Flow Monitors
Anemomaster Air Flow Meters from Kanomax measure the speed of air moving through a device in a defined time segment.
Kanomax Climomaster™ Series Anemometers Kanomax TABmaster™ Capture Hoods
The Climomaster Handheld Meters can measure Air Flow, Temperature and Humidity and are available with a differential pressure option. It can register duct sizes to perform automatic flow rate calculations to eliminate manual post collection processing. It has on board memory allowing data storage that can be downloaded to a computer using the RS232 output option. There are five probes available for virtually any testing environment. The Climomaster is the most complete and accurate handheld meter of its kind, making it an excellent value.
Particle Counters Sound Level & Vibration Meters
Particle counters are sophisticated instruments used to monitor particulate contamination in air, fluids, liquids or on surfaces. Particle counters vary in complexity depending on the environment that they are monitoring and may be small handheld devices or larger continuously operating devices. They are often used to monitor such things as dust, smoke, ash and even wear particles.