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Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms

Cleanroom construction, much like building a new facility, requires a myriad of workers, parts, materials, and design considerations. Sourcing components and supervising construction for a new facility is not something you'd ever take on by yourself. Why would building a cleanroom be any different?

Cleanroom control systems and electrical designs are critical, but so are considerations for structural, architectural, and application compliance. Turnkey cleanroom solutions with modular components empower easy adaptation of adjacent structures, cascaded classification of interior rooms, expandable compliance, and relocation. By coordinating an expansive network of contractors, vendors, and compliance experts, CleanPro® turnkey cleanroom service consolidates cleanroom planning, design, engineering, construction, assembly, and certification into a single point of contact.

CleanPro® Capabilities

CleanPro® Advantages

CleanPro® Reach

Our Reach

Our network of installation partners includes locations in the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and the rest of Latin America.

CleanPro® Turnkey Service

Turnkey Service

CleanPro® consolidates planning, design, engineering, construction, assembly, and certification into a single point of contact.

CleanPro® Modularity


Modular cleanroom designs adapt dynamically, standardize construction quality, and accelerate delivery.

CleanPro® Options


Our relationships with our network of vendors give us access to more styles and options than any one manufacturer can. CleanPro® has a solution you.

CleanPro® Value


CleanPro® is not limited to just one set of components or style of construction, so we always arrive at the best choice for our customers.

CleanPro® Expertise

History of Expertise

Our professional engineers have over 100 years of combined experience in cleanroom planning and installation. See some examples.

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Turnkey Solutions for Any Application

Do you need a complete delivered solution? Browse our turnkey cleanrooms for microelectronics or medical device manufacturing, cGMP, USP 797 or 800 compounding, IV compounding, and other applications. Learn about our planning, design, engineering, construction, assembly, and certification services.

CleanPro® Medical Device Manufacturing Cleanrooms

Medical Device Manufacturing

The cleanroom requirement for medical devices is based on path to product and process validation, with respect to sterilization and biocompatibility requirements. Learn more.

CleanPro® Microelectronics Manufacturing Cleanrooms

Microelectronics Manufacturing

Manufacturers of semiconductors, displays, HDDs, wafer chips and more have long recognized the relationship between cleanroom air quality and final yields. Learn more.

CleanPro® GMP Cleanrooms

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

cGMP sets forth the requirements applicable to the design of facilities used in the manufacture, processing, packing, or holding of a drug product. Learn more.

CleanPro® USP 797 Cleanrooms

USP 797 Compounding

Ideal for positive pressure compounding of non-hazardous materials including TPN, injections, eye-drops, infusion, syringes, salves, oils, and more. Learn more.

CleanPro® USP 800 Cleanrooms

USP 800 Hazardous Drugs

USP 800 grade environments mitigate the risk for harm to both the environment and workers when compounding hazardous chemicals. Learn more.

CleanPro® Cannabis Cultivation Rooms

Agriculture & Grow Rooms

Modular cannabis cultivation rooms have many advantages over traditional grow rooms. Mother, clone, and flower rooms flourish when room-to-room temperature and humidity are regulated. Learn more.

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