Cleanroom Construction

Small design flaws in the preliminary planning and construction of a cleanroom easily swell into budgetary nightmares. Poorly designed pressure systems compromise door seals and ceilings, above floor HEPA filters placed beneath biological safety cabinets require facility wide shutdown for maintenance: minute oversights ensure catastrophic consequences. In hindsight, it's easy to see how cleanroom construction and operating costs skyrocket - materials which teeter on compliance, labor extensive decontamination, unidentified hazards, ill-fitted equipment imparting over-use injuries - even multi-million dollar facilities face the same challenges.

Construction success isn't just measured by the final installation, or achievement of proper certifications for airflow, particles, leakage testing, and environmental measurements. Cleanroom utility is only realized after introduction to its most valuable capital: products and people. High-quality, high-volume cleanroom outcomes require people-driven floor plans, furniture, equipment, & ergonomic considerations for minimal downtime and safety at peak throughput. Inversely, organizations large and small are equally susceptible to overspending on unneeded certifications or zealous square footage which further complicates monitoring, cleaning, efficiency, and overall profitability.

The most cost-effective cleanroom solutions require an ally with decades of experience which is why organizations trust CleanPro® to provide a custom, comprehensive, and critical-grade result. Our in-house engineers work alongside your team and coordinate with project managers, manufacturers, vendors, and other staff to facilitate a cleanroom which returns value year-over-year. Let's clear up your questions about cleanroom construction or retrofitting; the earliest stages are the most important for an under-budget, over-expectation result.

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Modular Hardwall Cleanroom

Hardwall Cleanrooms

By coordinating our network of vendors, our turnkey cleanroom service consolidates planning, design, construction, assembly, and certification into a single point of contact.

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Softwall Cleanroom Enclosure

Softwall Cleanrooms

Learn more about our turnkey and built-to-order softwall cleanroom options. Our low-cost, easy-to-assemble softwall enclosures can be easily adapted for any application.

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Cleanroom Strip Door Curtains

Strip Door Curtains

Our strip door curtains and mounting systems can be used to create a standalone cleanroom, or independently within an existing cleanroom to create smaller isolation areas.

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Suspended Isolation Area

AirBlock Isolation Area

Our turnkey suspended isolation area consists of a ceiling grid, HEPA filters, sealed lights, tiles, and curtain, which are mounted from above for achieving up to ISO Class 6 certification.

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CleanPro® Cleanroom Monitoring: Get real time reporting, alarm conditions and instant traceability. Learn More.

Cleanroom Options

Fan Filter Unit
Fan Filter

Terminal Diffuser

Cleanroom T-Grid Ceiling
T-Grid Ceiling

Cleanroom Light Fixture

Pass-Through Chamber

Air Shower

Cleanroom Talk-Through Communicator

HEPA Air Purifier

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