Mops & Buckets

Cleanroom Mop Systems

Mop Systems

Our selection of cleanroom mop systems give you your choice of mop handles and heads, buckets, and carts.

Cleanroom Mop Handle

Mop Handles

Cleanroom mop handles feature cleanroom-safe aluminum or stainless steel shafts to eliminate particulate contamination.

Cleanroom Mop Head Frame

Mop Head Frames

Mop head frames are designed to work with eMop, Micronova, Roll-O-Matic®, TruClean™ & VertiKlean® systems.

Cleanroom Mop Head

Mop Heads

Cleanroom mop heads that are guaranteed to be safe for critical environments and free of any particulate-generating materials.

Cleanroom Mop Head Cover

Mop Head Covers

Mop head covers are effective for cleaning large surface areas without compromising particulate control or wiping protocols.

Cleanroom Mop Buckets

Mop Buckets

Cleanroom mop buckets are made from stainless steel and polypropylene to prevent and particulate contamination.