Cleanroom Carts

Cleanroom Utility Carts

Cleanroom Utility Carts

Browse cleanroom utility carts with open wire or solid shelves, and outfit them with autoclavable casters.

Cleanroom Tool Cart

Cleanroom Tool Carts

These cleanroom tool carts are built from type 304 stainless steel and feature fully extendable, locking drawers.

Wafer Cart

Semiconductor Carts

Safely transport a large quantity of wafer boxes and semiconductors using ESD-safe carts favored in cleanroom, electronics, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Desiccator Cart

Desiccator Carts

Cleanroom desiccator carts protect moisture sensitive products while dozens of standard chamber configurations provide fit for transport and low humidity storage.

IPA Wetting Cart

IPA Wetting Carts

These carts provide convenient access to cleanroom wipers wetted with IPA. Double-walled construction for fire safety.

Chemical Safety Cart

Chemical Safety Carts

Browse heavy-duty cleanroom chemical safety carts with choice of stainless steel and polypropylene construction for transport of solvents, cleaners, and flammable materials.

Palbam Cleanroom Carts Catalog

Custom cleanroom carts are available.

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