Garment & Supply Dispensers

Find dispensers, bins, and holders for cleanroom organization of protective gear, apparel, sanitation supplies, small parts and more. Wall mounted dispensers save space, but also enable easier access to essential supplies when floor layouts are restricted. Stock gloves, garments, booties, and eyewear in bulk without taking up precious bench space. See how automatic shoe cover dispensers improve safety and save facilities thousands each year by eliminating repetitive and hazardous processes during gowning. Smarter dispensers in cleanrooms redefine workspaces for people-driven use, yielding safer and more profitable outcomes with expanded procedural compliance. Our recommended Gowning Room Design & Protocol can help you determine which dispensers you need.

Our dispensers are available in four materials:

  • Stainless Steel Dispensers minimize particle generation and inhibit microbial growth, and can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Acrylic Dispensers provide visibility and strength, but are susceptible to damage from alcohol and other cleaning agents.
  • PVC Dispensers are static dissipative, preventing the buildup of static charges that attract particles.
  • Polypropylene Dispensers provide strength and resistance to cleaning chemicals.
Stainless Steel Cleanroom Consumables Dispenser

Apparel Dispensers

Get acrylic and static dissipative PVC bootie, bouffant cap, glove and other consumable dispensers for easy apparel access.

Acrylic Cleanroom Safety Glasses Dispenser

Eyewear Dispensers

Find eyewear holders and dispensers for easy storage and access to safety glasses and goggles.

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Garments Dispenser

Garment Dispensers

Browse garment dispensers with wall mounted, benchtop and stainless steel configurations. Choose from one to eight compartments.

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Gloves Dispenser

Glove Dispensers

Store cleanroom gloves in a convenient wall mounted dispenser. Choose acrylic, PVC, stainless steel, or polypropylene variations.

Acrylic Cleanroom Glove Box  Holder

Glove Box Holders

These glove box holders provide easy access and longer cycle times between stock replenishment.

Acrylic Cleanroom Small Parts Dispenser

Small Part Dispensers

Smarter cleanroom dispensers improve access for faster throughput and storage efficiency.

Acrylic Cleanroom Wipes Dispenser

Wiper Dispensers

Purchase wipe and tissue box holders for benchtop or wall mounting. Select from stainless steel, acrylic, PVC, or polypropylene.

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser

Shoe Cover Dispensers

Dispense cleanroom shoe covers automatically for easier changeouts, less downtime, and increased productivity.