Control of moisture and static is critical for process safety, detailed perfection, and product life cycles required of medical devices, printed circuit boards PCBs), and electronics. Desiccant cabinets feature a plethora of package options for benchtop, multi-chamber, and double-door access when monitoring or storing parts. Acrylic, manual refreshing dry boxes empower price-sensitive budgets, or maximize throughput with high-end electropolished stainless steel desiccator systems featuring automatic purge nitrogen (N2) systems.

Storing small or specialty parts with a high level of organization and critical-class monitoring has never been easier. Preserve, dry, and protect semiconductors, wafers, microchips, and more via slide-out trays and contamination proof enclosures which enable handling and dissipate static buildup. Explore leading offerings from the world's cleanroom desiccator manufacturers.

Desiccator Cabinet Housing Options

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Open up floor space by utilizing benchtop desiccators.
Browse Benchtop Models

Find stacked or side-by-side multi-chamber desiccator cabinets with independent control.
Browse Multi-Chamber Models

Pass-through desiccators with front and back access doors provide unhindered item access.
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Desiccator Cabinet Material Options

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Easy monitoring and economical prices make acrylic dry cabinets a budget-friendly choice.
Browse Acrylic Models

Static Dissipative PVC
Electro-static safe and chemically resistance, static dissipative PVC safe excels for electronics and device manufacturing.
Browse PVC Models

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel desiccator cabinets stand up to the harshest cleaning agents and prevent particle contamination.
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Desiccator Cabinet Methods

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Manual Refreshing Desiccant
Find a great price point on desiccant cabinets used in less critical environments.
Browse Manual Desiccant Models

Automatic Refreshing Desiccant
Fix problems with trace moisture and achieve RH control of <5%.
Browse Automatic Desiccant Models

Manual Refreshing Nitrogen
Nitrogen system can help you achieve ultra-low RH.
Browse Manual Nitrogen Models

Automatic Refreshing Nitrogen
Cut nitrogen expenses up 80% with computer-controlled nitrogen purge cabinets and systems.
Browse Automatic Nitrogen Models

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Desiccator Cabinets for Semiconductor Applications

Special Applications

IsoDry™ Desiccators
Achieve uniform cleanroom RH, fast recovery, and state-of-the-art monitoring and display units.
Browse IsoDry™ Models

Kiticcator™ Desiccators
Store and label components with kitting trays and tote boxes for dry, space efficient access.
Browse Kiticcator™ Models

Tape & Reel Desiccators
Organize and house delicate tape and reel items with a specially designed cleanroom desiccator.
Browse Tape & Reel Models

Wafer Box Desiccators
Preserve and dry semiconductors and other electronics in a particle free cleanroom desiccator.
Browse Wafer Box Models

Faraccator™ Desiccators
Easily remove and handle cleanroom electronics via slide out trays which feature ESD-safe, noncontaminating slides.
Browse Faraccator™ Models

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CleanPro® Logo

CleanPro® develops high-quality nitrogen desiccators for price-sensitive budgets.

Palbam Class Logo

Palbam provides high-end nitrogen purge desiccator cabinets with expansive design features and turn-key operation.

StatPro Logo

Self-regenerating desiccant dehumidifiers from StatPro provide critical-class monitoring and instrumentation for low RH function.

Terra Universal Logo

Terra Universal highlights outstanding performance as a flagship manufacturer of high-end nitrogen desiccator systems.