Gowning Room Furniture

Proper cleanroom garments, including hoods, face masks, booties and gloves, help to contain particles that people emit. Yet improper gowning procedures can negate your investment in cleanliness and threaten yields of sensitive semiconductor devices. Once a garment makes contact with a dirty surface, it is contaminated and spreads particles everywhere it goes.

The simplest and most economical approach to solving improper gowning procedures is a correctly designed gowning area, complete with well designed change room products, that keeps personnel on a clean track.

Recommended Gowning Room Design Gowning Room Design & Protocol

View our recommended Gowning Room Design & Protocol for a guideline in designing an ideal gowning area that keeps personnel on a clean track. Learn more.

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Supply Dispenser


Wall mounted, table top, or "smart" dispensers provide the ultimate storage solution for easy access gloves, booties, eyewear, garments and other PPE.

Cleanroom Gowning Bench

Gowning Benches

Freestanding, wall mounted, and floor mounted gowning benches provide limitless configurations for customized floor plans and ergonomic movement.

Gowning Room Platform & Rail

Gowning Platforms

Cleanroom gowning platforms and lean rails provide a raised surface for donning garments safely with less risk of contamination from floor spaces.

Cleanroom Mirror


Gowning mirrors with sanitation-friendly stainless steel frames in wall mounted, freestanding, or double sided configurations.

Cleanroom Garment Cabinet

Garment Cabinets

Our cleanroom garment cabinets provide HEPA filtration storage of garments, boots, wipes, and other materials.

Cleanroom Gowning Rack

Garment Racks

Specialized cleanroom garment racks provide smooth welds, snag-free designs, and streamlined construction for easy wipedown.

Cleanroom Bootie Rack

Bootie Racks

Add storage for cleanroom shoe covers and booties with the benefits of electropolished steel construction in floor mounted or freestanding configurations.

Cleanroom Hand Dryer

Hand Cleaning Stations

Improve hygiene with HEPA & ULPA filtered cleanroom stations. Compare wall mounted and mobile washing stations with sanitation friendly surfaces.

Shoe Brush Machine

Shoe Brush Machines

Prevent shoe-based contaminants introduced during change outs with manual or automatic shoe brush machines for cleanrooms.

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser

Shoe Cover Dispensers

Dispense cleanroom shoe covers automatically for easier changeouts, less downtime, and increased productivity.

Cleanroom Sticky Mat

Sticky Mats

The excessive cost of cleaning make sticky mats a simple investment by removing 98-100% of dirt and small debris at entrances.

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Step Ladder

Step Ladders

Extend, reach, and sanitize cleanroom objects at any height with large platform step ladders featuring optional handrails.

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Waste Receptacle

Waste Receptacles

Discard contaminated garments or consumables with these cleanroom waste bins & receptacles.

Cleanroom Garment Hamper

Garment Hampers

Hands-free operation and chemical resistant polypropylene construction aid disposal of soiled cleanroom garments.

Cleanroom Air Shower

Air Showers

Standard and low profile cleanroom air showers feature heavy-duty construction and a variety of sizes and configurations.

Cleanroom Pass-Through Cabinet

Pass-Thru Cabinets

Pass-thru cabinets allow products to enter a cleanroom without human traffic that increases particle loads and slows operations.