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Palbam Class Cleanroom Garment Rack

Specialized cleanroom garment and gowning racks provide smooth welds, snag-free designs, and streamlined construction for easiest possible wipedown and minimal cleaning headaches.

Chrome, brushed, or electropolished steel options cater to overall production goals: long life cycles with better return on investment, corrosion resistance to cleaners and solvents, and minimal particle generation and retention. Hanger tubes and rails enable sliding of garments for easy access. Fixed hanger slots prevent swaying, particle generation from sliding hangers, and limit air flow disturbances by holding garments on fixed centers. Standing hook designs provide the most simple, hanger-free solution which eliminates the costs of replacing lost, stolen, or damaged cleanroom hangers.

Ideal gowning room layouts require planning. Simplifying procedural compliance and facilitating quick changeouts maximizes productivity, performance, and efficiency. Create a gowning room which supports clean protocol and outcomes by reading our Gowning Room Design & Protocol.

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Wall Mounted Cleanroom Garment Rack Wall Mounted
Sanitize and wipe down more easily with snag-free, wall mounted cleanroom garment racks. Browse Wall Mounted Racks

Single-Sided Cleanroom Garment Rack Single-Sided
Single side access cleanroom garment hanger racks for wall placement.
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Double-Sided Cleanroom Garment Rack Double-Sided
Access these hanger racks from both sides for faster gowning in high-volume facilities.
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Cleanroom Garment Rack with Hanger Tube Hanger Rail
Secure closed-loop or detachable C-hangers.
Browse Racks with Hanger Rails

Cleanroom Garment Rack with Fixed Hanger Slots Fixed Hanger Slots
Fixed spacing and positioning limits particle shed and improves organization.
Browse Racks with Hanger Slots

Cleanroom Garment Rack with Garment Hooks Garment Hooks
Go hanger-free with these hooked gowning racks and never replace lost, damaged, or stolen hangers again.
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Chrome finish is affordable, durable, and is easy-to-clean.
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Brushed Stainless Steel
Economical, yet attractive brushed finished cleanroom garment racks.
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Electropolished Stainless Steel
Durable electropolished gowning racks for use in critical-class cleanroom environments.
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Terra Universal Logo

Terra Universal draws upon 40 years of manufacturing experience within cleanroom and laboratory based industries. It's electropolishing process, and circular tube frame options provide the ultimate garment racks for aseptic use.

Palbam Class Logo

Palbam class is a leading manufacturer of high-end stainless steel cleanroom furniture and equipment. Its products come standard with 305L stainless steel and electropolished coating for easier cleaning and corrosion resistance.

Eagle Group Logo

Eagle's high-grade construction materials, including chrome and electropolished stainless steel, provide facilities with both economic and critical-class cleanroom solutions for gowning and garments.

Metro Shelving Logo Metro Shelving Logo

Metro provides cleanroom garments and gowning racks including wall mounted and freestanding designs. Get options for electropolished hangers with closed loop or slotted configurations which minimize particle shed during gowning procedures.