Ionization Equipment

Simco-ION Ionization Products
Simco-ION Ionizing Bar

Ionizing Bars

General Use Ionizing Bars are designed to control static charge in mini-environments, laminar flow hoods and workstations.

Simco-ION Benchtop Ionizers

Benchtop Ionizers

Simco-ION's Benchtop Ionizers Blowers provide a range of localized or expanded coverage options with minimal footprints.

Simco-ION Overhead Ionizer

Overhead Ionizers

Overhead Ionizing Blowers cover assembly or manufacturing lines to keep your products safe and intact.

Simco-ION Ionizing Gun

Ionizing Guns

Ionizing guns provide precise operator control and are designed for to be ergonomic, lightweight and comfortable.

Simco-ION Ionizer Controllers

Controllers & Power Cords

Simco-ION controllers are used for powering and monitoring multiple ionizing bar models and sensors.

Simco-ION Ionizer Filters


Replacement ionizer filters ensure that your ionized air remains clean and free of contaminates.