StatPro CPDC-2D

Automatic Desiccator Cabinet with 2 Chambers, 23" x 35.5" x 35.5"

Is Trace Moisture Affecting Your Production Process?

Serious manufacturing defects and failures shadow improper PCB storage and handling. PCB failure rates increase when moisture causes popcorning, intermetallic growth, and oxidation. Yield rates decrease, and manufacturing costs increase.

StatPro's autonomous drying systems combine automatic calibration, tight RH control, and rapid recovery. The ultimate production goal is dependable yields.

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Automatic Desiccator Cabinet with 2 Chambers, 23" x 35.5" x 35.5"

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Prevent Late Evolving Manufacturing Defects and Improve Product Reliability

Compromised parts fail in the worst circumstances: under high stress after installation into a customer's production systems. IC's that absorb water may not show signs of degradation until late in the manufacturing process or after shipment.

PCBs are hygroscopic. StatPro's sealable enclosures have active drying technology that protect hygroscopic chemicals or materials from moisture saturation. By storing MSDs and other components in StatPro dry cabinets, production is repeatable.

Decrease Your Development Cycles

A typical desiccant dryer needs 45 minutes every 6 hours to recharge saturated desiccant. In this down time the dryer unit does not desiccate the cabinet. Some dryer units need as long as 70 minutes to complete their recharging process.

StatPro cabinets offer a dehumidification of <5% RH with a recovery time of <30 minutes after opening a door and closing it.

StatPro Automatic Desiccator Cabinet Dehumidified Limit Over Time

Get the Highest Quality Instrumentation Possible

Many low-cost desiccator cabinets feature knock-off components, particularly hygrometers. The result is a less accurate temperature readout with a slow response time to environmental change.

StatPro automatic desiccator cabinets have a high quality, German made Testo Digital Thermo Hygrometer for stand-alone monitoring. An NTC temperature probe and a capacitive humidity sensor offer long-term stability. The large display for humidity and temperature is easy to read and not affected by condensation.

Expand Performance with an Optional Nitrogen System

Ask about a factory installed nitrogen system at the time of order. Smart purge nitrogen systems deliver a high flow rate that minimizes recovery time and expels moisture before it can migrate between chambers. Increase throughput without the worry of opened doors interrupting desiccation.

No Calibration, Just Ultra Low RH and Rapid Recovery Time

Low power consumption, zero calibration, and plug and play operation make StatPro CPDC Series Desiccator Dry Cabinets a viable option for long-term dry storage. Desiccant dryer technology is not affected by ambient temperatures. Low temperatures are not problematic.

StatPro Automatic Desiccator Cabinet Recovery Time

Need a Desiccant System for Electrostatically Protected Areas?

All cabinets include anti-static: paint, glass windows, shelves, stands with casters, and a ground wire with 1MΩ that meets IEC-61340-5-1 (ESD) standards.


Heat from reflow processes excites and expands trace moisture resulting in micro-cracking, blistering, and popcorning in moisture sensitive devices, packages, and components. Dry and store multi-layer PCBs and PWBs before and after mounting, including dual-side boards awaiting second-side reflow. Delamination caused by moisture inside the layers is mitigated. Desiccate PCB pattern film/prepreg, quartz, fiber optics, CCDs, 3D printing filaments, and more.

Quiet and Efficient

Self-regenerating desiccant dehumidifiers provide an ultra-low humidity environment without complex N2/dry-air purging and have minimal moving parts. That means less goes wrong, and human intervention is unneeded. A low watt heater embedded within the desiccant expels the captured moisture silently with a low-energy footprint.

Easy Repair Services

In the rare event a core unit or hygrometer malfunctions, StatPro cabinets allow you to remove the SMA unit from the cabinet for easy in-house replacement.

Additional Information

CleanPro Part Number I210116
MFG Part Number CPDC-2D
Brand StatPro
Shipping Weight 190.0000
ESD Properties Anti-Static
Material Painted Steel
Type Automatic Refreshing Desiccant
Mount Freestanding
Warranty 1 Year