Our cleanroom table and workbench selection includes stainless steel tables with solid, perforated or rod top surface options, as well as workbenches with powder-coated steel or stainless steel frames and a work surface offering that includes laminate, ESD laminate, chemical resistant laminate, epoxy resin, polypropylene, stainless steel and more. We can also design and manufacture custom cleanroom table and workstation solutions!

Palbam Cleanroom Tables Catalog

Custom cleanroom tables & workstations are available.

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Perf Top Stainless Steel Cleanroom Table

Cleanroom Tables

Cleanroom tables are available with solid, perforated or rod tops and brushed or electropolished finishes. Alcohol wiped and cleanroom bagged.

Cleanroom Workbench with Laminate Work Surface

Laminate Top Benches

All-welded laminate-top cleanroom tables and accessories feature lock-in frames that allow for height adjustment and reconfiguration.

Cleanroom Workbench with ESD Laminate Work Surface

ESD Laminate Top Benches

Static dissipative laminate is chemical and heat-resistant with a controlled path to ground for dissipation of static charge.

Cleanroom Workbench with Stainless Steel Work Surface & Backsplash

Stainless Steel Top Benches

Stainless steel top workstations are durable, chemical-resistant, clean, and ESD-safe; frames are made of all-welded, powder-coated steel.

BenchPro™ Stainless Steel Frame Work Benches

Stainless Steel Frame Benches

These tables feature an all-stainless steel frame, your choice of work surface and hundreds of stainless steel accessory options.

Cleanroom Workbench with Chemical Resistant Laminate

Chemical Resistant Top Benches

Lightweight polypropylene work surfaces resist the corrosive effects of a acids and other chemicals; bonded to steel frame.

Cleanroom Workbench with Epoxy Resin Work Surface

Epoxy Resin Top Benches

Laboratory-grade epoxy resin tables prevent chemical corrosion and heat damage. The durable, non-absorbent surface resists bacteria and fungal growth.

Cleanroom Workbench with Corian® Work Surface

Corian® Top Benches

Chemical and heat-resistant non-porous Corian® table top with steel frame supports equipment loads and meets strict cleanliness standards.

ErgoHeight™ Cleanroom Workbench

ErgoHeight™ Workstations

A non-contaminating motorized lift automatically adjusts the height of your cleanroom workstation for comfort, safety & convenience.

All-Polypropylene Cleanroom Workbench

All-Polypropylene Tables

This reinforced polypropylene work bench resists chemical spills; a perfect staging area for wet cleaning and processing operations.

All-Stainless Steel Electrical Workbench

Electrical Workstations

Consolidate lab equipment on this stainless steel electrical bench featuring multiple duplex outlets, staging shelf, and utility drawers.

Laminar Flow Bench

Laminar Flow Benches

Laminar flow benches feature HEPA or ULPA air filtered work-space environments for use in pharmaceutical or hospital applications.